Homeowners are responsible for keeping their homes in tip-top shape. When it comes to exterior maintenance, you need to pay attention to your siding.

If you’re from Lexington KY and need help with your siding, this quick and useful guide is for you.

The Importance of Siding

Now you might be wondering, “What role does a siding play for my home?” Your siding does not only improve the outside appeal of your home, it also keeps it safe from damaging elements. These elements include moisture, heat, humidity, and even insects!

Moreover, your siding prevents heat (from your heating system) from escaping your home. This helps keep your interior comfortably warm during winter months.

No matter the benefits of siding, it can deteriorate over time. There may be hidden problems that go undetected which call for an immediate siding repair.

When these problems grow big, you may have to deal with a damaged interior wall and structure. So, what are the telltale signs that require a siding repair? Go ahead and check them out below.

5 Indicators of Siding Damage (What to Look For)

1. Cracks and peeling paint on your siding

Do you notice cracks and peeling paint on your siding? If it has been less than 5 years since you painted your home and yet your siding looks bad, know that it has been damaged.

These signs indicate that there is something going on behind your siding panels. What this usually means is that water has seeped into your siding, causing damage. Also, there may be mold or that your siding is rotting (if it’s made of wood).

Unless you’ve installed your siding on your own and used the wrong type of paint, call a Lexington KY roofing contractor to do a thorough check. Your contractor will decide whether your siding needs a repair or a total replacement.

2. Moisture problems inside your home

A damaged siding cannot properly seal off your home from water. When water gets in, it can cause moisture damage inside your home.

If you discover mold growth and bad smells but you cannot think of any possible leaks (such as a roof leak), then have your siding inspected.

You might also notice that there are specific areas of your walls where your paint or wallpaper is peeling. Most often than not, this happens around your doors or windows. Again, this is an indicator that moisture has entered your home through damaged siding panels.

3. Unusual increase in your utility bills

A lot of homeowners are completely unaware of this, but their siding affects their energy efficiency. If you can remember, we mentioned that your siding protects your home from external elements.

When this barrier gets damaged, air drafts can easily enter. Not only that, it cannot anymore properly insulate your home and deflect solar energy. All of these lead to faster energy loss. During summer and winter months, your heating and cooling systems will have to work twice their normal effort to keep your temperature comfortable.

Sometimes, a bad siding repair job or the wrong choice of siding can be the culprit. This is the reason why you need to carefully plan a siding project. If you prefer a vinyl siding, make sure that has an added insulating layer to improve your energy efficiency.

4. Decay or termite damage

There are various siding materials to choose from, and wood siding is one option that’s prone to termite damage. Truth be told, insects and pests are naturally drawn to the wood material.

They eat and live in wood and with that, you must take extra special care and precaution with wood siding. Most of the time, termite damage on siding go unnoticed unless an extensive amount of damage has happened. Termites that enter your home cause a lot of problems that require additional repair costs.

Remember that choosing the right siding contractor is one of the best ways to prevent termite infestation from happening – especially if you stick with wood siding (for personal reasons).

Also, you can take specific preventive measures. Contact your Lexington KY roofing contractor to clean your gutters and perform regular checks to detect moisture that attracts insects. Trim your foliage from time to time to prevent insects from coming in contact with your siding.

5. Bubbling or blistering

If you see signs of bubbling or blistering on your siding, this indicates two things. One, your siding is constantly exposed to excessive amounts of heat. Two, this is a sign of trapped moisture.

Bubbles and blisters can be prevented if, in the first place, you hired a reputable and experienced roofer to handle your siding repair. Siding, especially vinyl, should be installed in a way that it has enough space to expand with changes in temperature.

Get in touch with your siding contractor to do an inspection and confirm heat and water damage. Once the cause is identified, you can prevent these siding issues from happening again.

Should You Perform a Siding Repair on Your Own?

Unless you are fully confident and highly experienced to repair your siding on your own, hire a professional contractor. Going for the DIY path can save you money if you’re skilled but can cost you more and take longer to complete if you’re not.

Remember that a siding job isn’t one for beginners. You need to know how to use siding tools and other technical aspects involved: Measurements, the right techniques to attach siding, and more.

Over to You

If you witness any of these problem signs that indicate a siding problem, MasterBuilt Construction can help you.

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