While roofs do not last forever, it’s important that property owners take even the simplest steps towards maximizing their roof’s lifespan.

Your roof works day and night to safeguard everything beneath it that matters to you. Therefore, it’s only just that you give it the proper attention and care that it deserves.

Here at MasterBuilt Construction, we believe that a well-maintained roof helps you achieve these benefits:

  • Protection from harsh weather conditions – Different roofing materials by Louisville roofing companies have their own expected life spans. One of the keys to a longer lasting roof is to choose a material that suits your location’s weather patterns.
  • Better indoor temperature and energy efficiency – If you add insulation to your roof, you’ll be able to prevent air from escaping through your roof and heat from entering your home or building. As a result, you attain a more stable indoor temperature and enjoy lower utility bills.
  • Improves the curb appeal of your home – Many homeowners do not realize it, but their roofs impact the overall look of their property. Imagine a roof with black streaks, plant growth, and sagging roof lines. They make your home look very unsightly.
  • More long term savings – Proper roofing maintenance leads to higher savings for the future. This is because your roofing system will be free from problems and premature failures that cost you money.

maintained roof

How to Keep Your Roof Well-Maintained

1. Keep your gutter system free from debris

Unless you use a gutter guard to make sure that nothing enters your gutters, you need to clean them regularly, especially during autumn. Leaves, dead bugs, bird droppings, and organic matter can easily get into your gutter system and cause it to clog.

When your gutters clog, your roofing system rusts and deteriorates. Congested gutters often lead to roof leaks. As we all know, leaks have several consequences – from mold and pest infestation problems to slip and fall accidents.

cleaning gutter with debris

2. Trim tree branches hanging over your roof

Tree branches that brush the surface of your roofing shingles damage them over time. When the protective layer of roofing shingles gets removed, the shingles cannot anymore effectively reflect sunlight and heat.

In addition, those branches can break and fall onto your roof when there’s a big storm.

Some people call their insurance company to check whether they’ll be covered for the removal fee. There are insurance roofing companies in Louisville KY that provide coverage for removal.

tree branch hanging in the roof

3. Immediately inspect your property for roofing damage after a storm

Storms in Louisville threaten the integrity of your roof. Extreme weather can snap branches, cut down trees, crack or tear off your shingles, displace your shingle granules, and damage your aluminum siding.

Right after a storm, look for signs of roofing damage inside and outside your property. Don’t forget to spot leaks as a leak is a common warning sign. For areas of your roof that are difficult to access, make sure that you contact a Louisville KY roofing company to go up your roof for you.

Document these signs of damage since these will help you file an insurance.

damaged roof after storm

4. Replace damaged shingles

You don’t always need to replace your entire roofing system if only a small part of it has been damaged. If you’re experiencing leaks and an increase in your energy bills, the first thing you should do to is to locate these damaged shingles and have them replaced by your roofing company Louisville KY.

Remember that a roofing shingle replacement is not going to be an easy task. It’s never safe to access your roof all by yourself, given that you don’t have the training and license to do so.

Unless you’re an expert, you need to call a professional roofing contractor to do the work in finding the right shingle that closely matches the existing ones on your roof and replacing them.

damaged roof shingles

5. Schedule a roof cleaning

Does your roofing look terrible due to dead algae (that appear as black stains) and moss growth from the outside? These organic materials shorten your roof’s lifespan if you don’t do anything about them.

Algae and moss absorb water from the outside surroundings like a sponge and saturate the roofing material below. Over time, your shingles will rot and it won’t be long before you experience roof leaks.

To maintain the appearance and health of your roofing, schedule a roof cleaning. This is the process of removing moss, algae, and plant growth on your roof using a water spray and other cleaning devices.

6. Minimize foot traffic on your commercial roof

Foot traffic is a common factor that damages flat roofs. Remember that your flat roof is not another floor of your building.

Aside from getting regular commercial roofing inspections from your Louisville KY roofing company, make sure to keep foot traffic to a minimum. This means that you need to limit access to your roof to only a few people. If possible, use smart locks.

Require specific personnel to fill up log sheets that you can use for tracking purposes. Some commercial buildings install walkway pads that contractors should walk on.

Before You Go

These are just some of the essential ways for you to prolong the life of your residential or commercial roof.

Last, but not the least, take note that the most important maintenance task you must follow is to always be on the lookout for signs of roofing wear and tear.

MasterBuilt Construction is one of the most reputable roofing companies in Louisville KY that you can trust.

As your Louisville KY roofing company, our services include residential and commercial roofing repairs and installations. Hire our team of skilled roofers to maintain your roof today.

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