As Spring approaches the weather starts to get a little warmer day by day. You become aware of the fact that you have to clean up the garage, clean the windows and get you and your beautiful house ready for the warm weather that is about to come in few days. Your roof also needs some Spring cleaning attention!

What To Do For Roof Spring Cleaning?

You’re probably like a lot of people if you think that your roof doesn’t need much in the way of cleaning year to year. The winter may have damaged your roof and odds are it needs a little TLC. Below you’ll find a list of things to check your roof for.

  • Clear All Roof Debris: If your roof has a lot of debris then there is a good chance for mildew and mold to start growing. This goes a long way in damaging your roof and will accelerate the need for you to have a roof replacement. An easy way to get rid of lots of debris is to use a rake or leaf blower. Make sure you don’t damage any shingles while doing so and always stay safe. If you don’t feel like you can get on your roof safely it’s always a good idea to hire a professional.
  • Shingles: The snow and wind during the winter are hard on your roof’s shingles. It can force shingles to curl and sometimes separate from your roof.  You may also see that the entire shingles of the roof are torn by the harsh weather. It might be helpful for you if you go through your roof once after the winter has passed and see if any of the shingles are missing, curled or ripped from the roof. If you find out any problem in any of those areas then make sure you nail them back or fix them as early as possible. If your roof has loose shingles then it might cause problems like water damage or mold.
  • Flashing And Chimney: You should also look for flashing and chimney. The flashings are easily pulled away from the chimney or the roof which creates small holes allowing the water and bugs to invade.  These are small and easy fixes but you have to know before that where the damage exists. If you have no idea about how the chimney or flashing damage looks like you should call MasterBuilt Construction to look as we’ll fix everything at reasonable price.
  • The Damaged Tree Branches: If any of the branches of your trees fall on your roof during the winter season try to remove them ASAP. If the branches are small then you can remove them on your own whereas, for the bigger branches, you might need the help of a professional. The longer the branches stay on your roof, the higher the likelihood they will make holes through shingles and allow the water to flow into your house. Go around your house and look for branches on the tree which might cause a problem in future and trim them.
  • Wash Off The Mildew And The Mold: As we have mentioned earlier that the mold and mildew are very dangerous for the health of your roof. Make sure you check your roof if there are any signs of them during the spring. Look for discolored streaks on your roof which indicates the signs of their growing. 

Call MasterBuilt Construction today for a free inspection of your roof if you feel you’re in need of some roof spring cleaning!

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