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Commercial Roofing Contractors

Masterbuilt Construction offers commercial roofing services in the Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia tri-state area. We are expert commercial roofing contractors who have a variety of roofing designs which are best used for buildings and establishments.

We make use of the commercial graded products like corrugated metal, asphalt shingles, and tile. All special materials used by this commercial roofing company are guaranteed to have a warranty to provide you a peace of mind.

We offer roofing repair for schools, town offices, churches, movie theaters, and other establishments. The commercial roofing systems we use are specifically designed to last through different changes of the weather. We specialize in different types of roofing systems such as single ply roofing, shingle, tile, slate, metal, and architectural roofs. Our extensive experience with roofing systems used for industrial roofing allows us to provide recommendations to meet any commercial roofing project’s needs. With the array of advanced tools we have, we can repair or replace the roof quickly to make the construction convenient for you.

The Importance of Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial roof repairs prevent major problems from occurring and the huge costs that accompany these major repairs. Repairs done by MasterBuilt Construction are guaranteed to last for the long term. Proper commercial roof maintenance also increases the lifespan of the roof ensuring the roof is well-preserved instead of causing it to have an extensive replacement.

For a commercial roof replacement, the roofing system needs to first be inspected to find out if the roof can be repaired as opposed to carrying out a costly roof replacement. In the event that the roof cannot be salvaged, then we at MasterBuilt Construction would recommend new roofing system suggestions.

The quality of roof replacements we provide is to make sure that the materials are going to last or possibly exceed its life expectancy especially if the proper regular maintenance is carried out throughout the year. This helps businesses save money on excessive repairs and replacement in the future.

MasterBuilt Construction understands that customers have other expenses for different utilities, that’s why we offer competitive estimates that are fair and match the value and quality of the job we do.