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Fire & Water Damage Restoration in the Louisville & Tristate Area

At MasterBuilt Construction, we assure you of quality in every service we offer you. Our experience of 13 years in the industry can assure quality fire and water damage restoration to our customers whether commercial or residential. We are headquartered in Catlettsburg, KY and the serving Louisville and the tristate area of Kentucky, Ohio, & West Virginia.

Whether the damage is fire or water, residential or commercial, we will get your home or business restored back to its original state.

Water Damage Restoration

Whatever be the reason of water damage at your site, you can trust us at MasterBuilt Construction for water restoration and expect excellence at everything we do! Water damage needs immediate attention and we respond swiftly to the problem with our advanced equipments and highly trained specialists, together with our 13 years of experience in the industry. Some of the common reasons of water damage are floods, storms, flooded basements, overflowing sinks, bathtubs or toilets, or leaking appliances such as water heaters or plumbing issues.

Why choose us?

Apart from our 13 years of experience in the industry and thorough professionalism, you can trust us for the following reasons:

  • Quick service

We at MasterBuilt Construction believe that a quick response can reduce a lot of damage. We respond almost immediately to any kind of water emergencies, thus, reducing the damage and the cost.

  • We have highly trained water damage specialists

Our company has highly trained water damage professionals We give emphasis on getting your home back to a livable condition quickly and efficiently.

Key Steps in Restoration

  1. Inspection and assessment of damage
  2. Water extraction
  3. Water removal
  4. Drying
  5. Dehumidifying
  6. Cleaning
  7. Sanitizing

Fire Damage Restoration

Home fires can be incredibly devastating not only from the fire but also from the water that is spread everywhere. Whether your need is residential or commercial, we at MasterBuilt Construction provide emergency services to our customers in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia 24/7.

Fire damage restoration can require services such as upholstery cleaning, fire or smoke restoration, odor control and also water damage restoration. Fire damage restoration has to be accompanied with water damage restoration due to the damages done at the time of extinguishing the fire.

Why choose us?

  • We provide emergency services 24/7

Whether it is commercial property or your house, we provide emergency services 24/7 to our customers and commit ourselves to a high level of service.

  • We respond to any disaster almost instantly

Our team at MasterBuilt Construction believe that whether it’s fire damage or water damage, responding swiftly to it will not only reduce the damage will certainly bring down the home restoration cost as well.

  • We have fire damage restoration specialists

Apart from quality and extensive training, they are also well equipped to restore the property to its original state.

Key Steps in Fire Damage Restoration

  1. Inspection and assessment of damage
  2. Roof Tarp services
  3. Removal and drying of water
  4. Removal of smoke and soot
  5. Cleaning
  6. Repair and restoration

Whether it’s your home or your business, when you choose us for fire and water damage restoration, you can expect nothing but excellence and efficiency in getting your family back in your home. Our top priority remains customer satisfaction and making your family’s home whole again.