Why Hire a Local Roofer?

roofer tristate areaNeed roofing work done in the tri-state area?

Hire someone local.

But why? What’s so important about hiring companies and contractors that are from your particular geographical area?

There are actually a number of reasons, some of them more obvious than others. In this post, we’re going to go over why, exactly, hiring a genuinely local company is so fundamentally important.

First of all, don’t DIY it unless you really know what you’re doing.

A lot of us try to DIY whatever home repairs we can, to save some cash.

And there are a lot of things where you can safely do that.

Basic plumbing, that sort of thing.

But this is your roof we’re talking about. Remember, the saying is “a roof over your head” for a reason. It’s practically the most important part of a home.

Also, trying to DIY roof repairs can be straight-up dangerous. You’re at least 10 feet above the ground, probably significantly more.

People do fall and get hurt. Even on the job, ladder falls are one of the most common causes of injuries treated in emergency departments.

Among professional roofers, who do this stuff every day for a living and are genuine experts, falls account for 75% of on the job fatalities in the roofing industry. In 2014, nearly half of those falls were from 20 feet or less.

Even longtime pros can get hurt. But they’re far less likely than an inexperienced homeowner trying to DIY roof repairs with no prior knowledge of how to do it safely.

For your own safety, and for the structural integrity of your home, hiring a professional is well worth it.

So why hire local guys, not a company from somewhere else?

There are quite a few reasons why 90% of the time, a local company is a much better bet than someone who isn’t from your area.


  • Local roofers are just that — locals. They’re members of your community. Not only are you supporting your own local economy, but when a company and its employees live in your area, it’s really important to maintain a good reputation. Negative word of mouth can tank a contracting company, and it’s a lot harder to avoid that if you live and work in one specific area. If a roofing company isn’t any good, it doesn’t take much to find out.
  • Local companies tend to have better relationships with suppliers, more close-knit crews that work better together, and more efficient processes for getting things done. A lot of these roofing companies have been around for years — sometimes even through multiple generations! An established, well known local company with a good reputation generally has good relationships with quality materials suppliers, as well as a strong team of workers that work well together. With roof repair jobs, teamwork is everything.
  • The vast majority of roofing companies work only in one geographic area. If a company from out of town is willing to do work for you, that’s a little suspicious. Contracting companies, including roofers, are brick and mortar businesses that are almost always confined to a limited geographical area. And they can find plenty of work within that area. Same as plumbers, electricians, and other trades. Sometimes, it’s one particular city. It could also be a broader metro area, or even an area consisting of more than one county. Most of the time, the less urban an area is, the wider geographic range a roofing company is going to cover. But why would a company like this be willing to take a contract several states over? If a company is based in central Florida, and they’re a quality company with a good reputation and plenty of clients, why would they want to take a job in Mobile, Alabama or Savannah, Georgia?
  • A local company will have the right kinds of licensing and insurance for your particular area. Things like that can vary by state, even by city or county.
  • A local company will be familiar with peculiarities of the climate, common weather related risks, and other aspects particular to your region. A good example is that in areas where earthquakes are a risk, you’ll find specific building codes related to this fact, which you might not see somewhere else. Locals also know things like what kind of roofing works best in your climate, what insulates the best against cold or heat, or what stands up best to the local levels of snowfall or hail.
  • In an emergency repair situation, a local company can respond quickly. They’re just across town, or even down the street from you. When you need emergency repairs after a storm due to hail damage or a felled tree, they can be there ASAP.


When you need roof repairs, go local.

In any given region, other than maybe some of the most rural areas of the country, there’s bound to be at least one great roofing company nearby.

There’s really no reason not to hire a local company next time you need roof repairs.

At MasterBuilt, we serve the tri-state area near the nexus of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. We’re all residents of the area, and we’re experts on specific local factors that can affect what kind of roofing damage we’re likely to find during an inspection, and on what roofing materials are best suited to our local climate.

And as you can see from our testimonials, we’ve got a great reputation in our community.

If you’re looking for a great local company for roofing repairs, give us a call any time.

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