Have you ever promised yourself to do one important thing but kept talking yourself out of it? Roof cleaning is a common scenario.

You tell yourself that you’d call your roofers Louisville KY to clean your roof because it looks discolored. An hour later, you decided to procrastinate and move the activity tomorrow.

This goes on for months. One day, you get a huge leak and soaring energy bills that are more difficult to deal with! You never expected the situation to get this worse.

You’re in a procrastination doom loop.

roof and gutter cleaning

Why is roof cleaning important?

There are roof maintenance tasks that need to be done promptly in your home and roof cleaning is definitely one of them.

Homeowners in Louisville benefit from this important task. But because people are more focused on the things inside their home, they tend to take this lightly.

In the horror story we just shared, it is clear that procrastinating or neglecting to clean your Louisville roofing leads to more serious roof issues. A leak is just one example.

Here, you will learn more about why it’s more than necessary to clean your roof.

1. Stop damage from progressing

Do you want to replace your roof frequently? A dirty roof is more than just a dirty roof. The black streaks you see are an accumulation of several things:

  • Dirt
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Algae

Among the four, blue-green algae is a typical culprit and they’re spread by airborne means. Plants can even thrive on your roof if you’re in a shaded area, surrounded by nearby trees.

These things on top of your roof should be dealt with seriously. Roof algae and moss accumulate more moisture like a sponge.

Moisture soaks up your roof and weakens its material. As it penetrates into your home, that’s when you start experiencing moisture problems. It creates an environment that welcomes mold.

It creates an environment that welcomes mold. Mold growth causes respiratory problems.

So, remember that cleaning isn’t just an aesthetic thing for your roofing Louisville KY. It damages your roof and presents a health hazard for everyone in your home.

2. Increase the level of comfort inside your home

If your Louisville roofing has dirt and other organic material above it, it will have difficulty reflecting sunlight.

Roofs have a reflective surface and it cannot serve its purpose if there are other things blocking its path.

But did you know that this decrease in reflectivity affects the interior of your home?

This decrease in the effectiveness to reflect UV rays actually increases your indoor temperature. If you have a dirty roof and are wondering why you have warmer days, you already know the reason.

Remember that the more heat your roofing Louisville KY retains, the more you’ll have to use up your air conditioner.

Since your cooling system will have to work much harder, you can expert your energy bills to increase.

Never allow your roof to conduct more heat. Make sure to contact your roofers Louisville to schedule a roof cleaning. A comfortable home makes a happier family.

roof gutter cleaning

3. Algae is invisible in its early development stage

Just because your roofing system appears to be fine doesn’t mean it is! 

There’s one thing we need to let you know, and it’s that you cannot always spot algae in its growth process. While it’s invisibly growing, it’s already inflicting damage on your roof.

Perhaps this is the reason why Louisville KY roof repair contractors advise homeowners to get a regular roof inspection.

As part of preventive maintenance, people should schedule a roof inspection every three years. This is what most sources recommend.

On the other hand, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) suggests that you have your roof inspected during the fall and spring.

However, if in case you suspect any damage, do not hesitate to get an immediate inspection. Once your roofers Louisville KY uncover any hidden damage, it will be prevented from getting bigger.

Many homeowners choose to spot clean your roof if they suspect algae to thrive in one area.

It’s always much better to take a thorough roof cleaning. There is a possibility that algae is affecting your entire roof even if it’s not very visible.

4. Bring back the beauty of your home

Calling your roofers Louisville KY to clean your roof is always a good idea. Dirt, moss, and plant growth on your roof diminishes its curb appeal.

No matter how you try to beautify your lawn or repaint your outside walls, a dirty roof undermines all the positive things outside your home.

dirty roof

Roof stains will always be the focus of everyone’s attention, especially your visitors, and you wouldn’t want that. People create first impressions.

Certainly, the last thing you will wish for is people thinking that you’re not being proactive with your roof’s care.

But more than that, a beautiful roof will help you easily resell your home in the future.

Remodeling Magazine conducted an extensive study on increasing your home’s resale value. They found out that a new roofing system gets you more ROI.

But even without having to buy a new roof, still, by keeping it in shape, you wouldn’t have to sell it for a lower price. If there is a home improvement that really pays off, that’s roof cleaning.

5. Roof cleaning is not an expensive service – it’s a great investment

HomeAdvisor states that on the national average, it will cost homeowners about only $411 to clean their roofs!

In fact, cleaning is a great investment because it mitigates any damage caused by algae.

You cannot resort to a different solution to tackle dirt on your roof. Roof cleaning the only option.

Even without really thinking about it, the most common reason why people delay this task is that they assume it’s a waste of time and money.

They believe that their money is better spent elsewhere and roof cleaning is only menial.

Can you imagine paying for $6,500 on a roof replacement instead of a $411 roof cleaning?

Delaying roof cleaning can actually cost you your entire roof in the near future. Think about unresolved leaks, a weakened roof structure, increasing energy bills, and more.

Therefore, by dealing with this matter promptly, you save yourself from larger problems that cost you more.

6. You maximize the lifespan of your roofing Louisville KY

In our previous article, we outlined seven things that affect the longevity of your roof. We would like to add roof cleaning as an additional factor.

You can use any type of roofing material that lasts more than 20 years. You can choose a lighter color to increase reflectivity.

All these things will be of no use if you don’t put cleaning at the top of your priorities.

Bacteria growth will speed up the wear and tear process of your roof. If you own roofing shingles, you’ll be able to maximize their lifespan for more than 25 years.

Not only will this activity prolong the life of your roof, it will also help you in terms of insurance claims. Insurance policies do not provide coverage for roofs that were damaged due to lack of proper maintenance.

Roof stains are always seen as risks. Make sure that you get in touch with roofers Louisville KY to remove them immediately.

roof cleaning maintenance

There are two different ways to clean your roof

If you’re interested to know how a Louisville roofing will clean your roof, below are two common methods:

1. Pressure washing method (high-pressure)

Many resources suggest that pressure washing is damaging to roofing shingles. Pressure washing involves the use of highly pressurized water that blasts away on your roof.

To prevent roofing damage due to pressure washing, only use it for certain roofing materials. Pressure washing is best done on metal or concrete Louisville roofing systems.

2. Soft washing method

In the soft washing method, roofing contractors clean roofs using stain-removing chemicals. As the name goes, soft washing does not use pressurized water.

More companies now turn to eco-friendly roof cleaning solutions. These are alternatives to harsh chemicals.

Eco-friendly options do not damage shingles and at the same time, do no harm to the planet.

Avoid using chlorine and bleach to clean your roof since these emit strong odors and can harm your family and pets at home.

Should you clean your roof on your own?

Technically speaking, anyone can learn roof cleaning and tackle the activity themselves. But let’s get real: Roof cleaning is dangerous.

No matter how rewarding it may seem to be able to finally get rid of roofing stains, always rely on roofers Louisville KY.

Falls from roofs are common and they happen for several reasons. You can lose balance or step into a weakened portion of your roof.

If you don’t fall, you can hurt yourself in other ways.

This is where you’ll need to call in the professionals.

Before we end this article, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn the importance of roof cleaning.

As a Louisville KY roof repair company, MasterBuilt Construction provides various roofing services to homeowners who want their roofs to last for many years.

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